The Perfect Ganache for a Special Stocking

dec 10 2018

Have a special someone in your life that would appreciate some quality chocolates in their Christmas stockings this year?

We have the perfect selections of artisan ganaches to impress.


How are they so special?

Because all of the chocolate at Crevin is handmade to perfection using traditional age old methods practised for over 30 years. Feeling silly and want know what’s different about a ganache? That’s ok we get asked this all the time at our flagship store in Bruges.


Gratifying of all treats

Chocolate ganache is a combination of chocolate and double cream that is simple to make, yet is one of the richest and most gratifying of treats to eat. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa-solids ratio gives the richest results. Here at Crevin we have developed the finest “melt in the mouth” ganache recipe used for our chocolate counter. The same recipe is used to create assortments available with alternative flavours such as corriander (using the fresh coriander leaf when heating the milk), raspberry, cherry and more.


Keep it fresh

Basically, make it and eat it.  The high fat content of both cream and chocolate means ganache, including truffles, will stay vibrant and fresh for a small period of time. That’s why our policy is always to make it using the traditional method in small batches and by hand. A quick turn around in our store means you get a fresh batch every time.

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