The all-natural approach to artisan confectionary

okt 25 2018

As artisan confectioners we often miss the opportunity convey to our regular customers the volume of work and time that goes into creating our lovely marshmallow, jellies and other favourites completely by hand. 


It’s taken years to put together the recipes to allow for the use of all natural ingredients. We pride ourselves in the effort put towards these methods to preserve the traditional art of confectionery. We may not be able to batch produce and store our products for months but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our customers can indulge in our small batch, handmade goodies knowing that we haven’t used any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.


Through the years, food trends have constantly changed. A few years ago we launched a range of sugar-free chocolates to cater for diabetics and those on a Ketogenic diet. We are now working on creating a range suitable for vegans without compromising on flavour.


 Sometimes the hardest job has been putting on the lab coat and testing ingredients to ensure the sweets all turn out identical. At the same time sourcing the best ingredients to maintain the soft and bouncy consistency of our famous marshmallows hasn’t been a walk in the fluffy park. Now over time we have even adapted the recipe to cater for even pescatarians using fish gelatine. 


We constantly check our procedures on the artisan production line and are making sure our skilled team have the opportunity to initiate change. It shouldn’t be ignored that part of our contentment in our production comes from sourcing from the fairest route possible, the most ethical and maintaining sustainability.


Lastly I will say that the sole ingredient we put into all our handmade chocolates and confectionery is love. Each of the items crafted by hand, with precision and passion. This is the key to the Crevin taste.