Ruby Chocolate- The Gem of the Cocoa World

okt 17 2018

What on earth is this pink chocolate? I hear people say often when they are visiting our flagship store in Bruges. Perhaps regular chocolate with a mix of food colouring and strawberry flavour? Not at Crevin! We believe in an all natural approach. Well when you are an artisan producer why would you do it any other way?


In fact pink chocolate is created using the existing botanical varieties of the cocoa bean without any genetic modifications occurring. Instead a formula has been created by Callebaut to use the unfermented cocoa bean which has a pink colour. The varieties of the cocoa bean used in this process come from Ecuador, Brazil and The Ivory Coast. This process gives the ruby chocolate fruity and slightly sour notes.


As a result we now have four chocolate varieties as Chocolatiers to explore in our creations: Dark, Milk, White and Ruby. You can see some of our varieties by clicking here. 


So next time you are having guests round and you want to wow them with that special bottle of bubbly, try pairing it Ruby chocolate as it holds hints of summer fruit but with an elegant creamy consistency.