In our artisan production we make the best products with only the very best ingredients, such as natural flavours and colours. No conservatives are added!

All of these are based on authentic recepies with a refreshing up to date accent here and there.

Crevin Confectionary and Chocolatier has been around for decades. About 15 years ago we continue with the same ambition and passion as our founders, Mr and Mrs. André and Annie Cremelie.

Since then, our team stayed the same and only grew in passionate members.

We are still a small artisan factory and we all work closely together according to our core values, such as quality, respect for the product and each other.

We do not work with stock products, but produce each week following our customers orders.

As fresh as can be!

In consequence of all of these values, offcourse we also look at the future and nearby we will inform you about our ISO 22000 CERTIFICATION , and offcourse we follow the HACCP norms, as well as the autocontrol guide of our branch.

Our production, our products and our coöperation within our team are a passion we all cary deep in our heart!