Cocoa Horizons- Creating A Sustainable Future

dec 12 2018

Making excellent chocolate is a fun career to have and a tasty one too! As Chocolatiers, what really matters to us and helps us sleep easy at night is knowing that our cocoa farmers are also being looked after. Creating sustainability, developing  communities with a safe education system, supporting the farming community and ensuring the ecosystem is safe for future generations.

What is Cocoa Horizons

Cocoa Horizons Foundation is an organisation built as a platform to support innovative ideas that will help to build change in the cocoa farming community. Most of the cocoa farmers supplying the world’s best cocoa to the western world is produced in Western Africa.  Cocoa Horizons is helping these farmers with the knowledge and understanding they will need to evolve good agricultural practices. Most of these farms are ageing and using depleted soil which in turn eventually ruins the crops prematurely and puts the farmers at risk of loosing their farms in the long run. Farmers are also being educated about the unpredictable effects of climate change and how to better protect themselves. In most of the Western African area there is a general lack of financing options to invest in productivity activities and thus the family businesses fail to circulate year after year or to even keep within the family for generations.


Why the Foundation is Needed 

One of the biggest reasons why the issues on the cocoa farms arise is the lack of access to education the children have. Some families have to send their children very far distances to get to a school and additionally gender equality has not allowed girls easy access to a classroom. The remote rural areas the farmers often live can lack access to clean and safe water, transport systems and a healthcare team. Vocational training is also required to ensure farming procedures remain safe for all workers and that ongoing training is an option for all to sustain the farming communities.


Educating the Cocoa Community

Giving the farmers additional knowledge and education has the power to change the livelihood of their families for generations. Growing yields sustainably means the crops can increase year after year allowing the businesses to grow. The foundation can make sure that farmers are paid a premium for their produce. In turn the farmers can then invest back into their farms and also into much needed areas of the community.

The Cocoa Horizon’s Foundation currently have programs in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Tanzania.


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Image taken from Cocoa Horizon’s Foundation website. Find out more about how you can get involved on the website.