Christmas traditions at the cocoa farm

Déc 17 2018

This year we wanted to invite you to explore an alternative to our normal Flemish festivities. 

Since the majority of our raw cocoa comes from Ghana we thought it would be fitting to write about Christmas in Ghana at a time of year when family values mean everything at Crevin. 






  • Did you know that 66 different languages are spoken in Ghana? That means that Christmas tradition is varied immensely throughout the land.
  • Worldwide cocoa consumption per year equates to 3.5 million tonnes of cocoa each year
  • Almost all of that cocoa (90% of it) is grown by around 6 million farmers on small family-run farms.
  • Every stage of cocoa production is done by hand: planting, irrigating, harvesting, fermenting and drying.


Not only because of Christmas, December is an important time of year for the cocoa farms as it is when the cocoa harvest begins. Ghana is the worlds second biggest cocoa producer. Except on Christmas Eve when all business stops and the churches begin to fill with happy locals dressed in colourful traditional clothes are  all singing in choirs together. After church on Christmas morning it is tradition to go home and open gifts and then sit and have the main Christmas meal together. The main traditional meals eaten vary from okra stews, porridge, fufu (yam paste), meat and rice.  


Time off of the farms varies but usually by the first week of January all are back to routine again and ready to pick the crops for the new year before they are separated and the best quality cocoa beans make it to roasting.


We wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you and send our heartfelt love and appreciation for all that our Cocoa farmers and their families do for us. We could never make the high quality of Belgium chocolate at Cervin without them.



Whilst we are on the topic of family values we also needed to mention that the Crevin team also need some TLC and party time with loved ones. You can see our festive opening hours on our homepage. We look forward to welcoming you to Christmas at Crevin Brugge.