Confiserie Chocolaterie Crevin

L'Artisan Sucré

We make the very best tasty artisanal products. This by using only the best ingredients, no conservatives and solely natural colours and flavours. Our productions are based on our authentic recipes, extensive experience and a refreshing, renewing today’s influence here and there.

Our Speciality: The very best artisanal marshmellows

We make a large assortment of authentic mallows, such as the classic pink & white vanilla ones and our Madagascar vanilla with a crispy chocolate covering. Every season we present suitable tastes and new items! Such as pistachio, caramel, coffee… and endlessly different fruity mallows! This summer’s special success was the Creamy Cherry. Other topper: Strawberry Milk chocolate Hearts.
For this fall and Christmas we made new items such as apple with chocolate coating and stars with cinnamon and crème brûlée mallows also covered in chocolate. On top of that we also make HOME MADE: crispy florentines, with extra almonds, extra fine ganaches, home biscuits, home almond paste …

Our Products