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The all-natural approach to artisan confectionary

As artisan confectioners we often miss the opportunity convey to our regular customers the volume of work and time that goes into creating our lovely marshmallow, jellies and other favourites completely by hand. 


It’s taken years to put together the recipes to allow for the use of all natural ingredients. We pride ourselves in the effort put towards these methods to preserve the traditional art of confectionery. We may not be able to batch produce and store our products for months but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our customers can indulge in our small batch, handmade goodies knowing that we haven’t used any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.


Through the years, food trends have constantly changed. A few years ago we launched a range of sugar-free chocolates to cater for diabetics and those on a Ketogenic diet. We are now working on creating a range suitable for vegans without compromising on flavour.


 Sometimes the hardest job has been putting on the lab coat and testing ingredients to ensure the sweets all turn out identical. At the same time sourcing the best ingredients to maintain the soft and bouncy consistency of our famous marshmallows hasn’t been a walk in the fluffy park. Now over time we have even adapted the recipe to cater for even pescatarians using fish gelatine. 


We constantly check our procedures on the artisan production line and are making sure our skilled team have the opportunity to initiate change. It shouldn’t be ignored that part of our contentment in our production comes from sourcing from the fairest route possible, the most ethical and maintaining sustainability.


Lastly I will say that the sole ingredient we put into all our handmade chocolates and confectionery is love. Each of the items crafted by hand, with precision and passion. This is the key to the Crevin taste. 

Ruby Chocolate- The Gem of the Cocoa World

What on earth is this pink chocolate? I hear people say often when they are visiting our flagship store in Bruges. Perhaps regular chocolate with a mix of food colouring and strawberry flavour? Not at Crevin! We believe in an all natural approach. Well when you are an artisan producer why would you do it any other way?


In fact pink chocolate is created using the existing botanical varieties of the cocoa bean without any genetic modifications occurring. Instead a formula has been created by Callebaut to use the unfermented cocoa bean which has a pink colour. The varieties of the cocoa bean used in this process come from Ecuador, Brazil and The Ivory Coast. This process gives the ruby chocolate fruity and slightly sour notes.


As a result we now have four chocolate varieties as Chocolatiers to explore in our creations: Dark, Milk, White and Ruby. You can see some of our varieties by clicking here. 


So next time you are having guests round and you want to wow them with that special bottle of bubbly, try pairing it Ruby chocolate as it holds hints of summer fruit but with an elegant creamy consistency. 

Belgium Hot Chocolate

Belgium may be small but it certainly homes the world’s favourite chocolate. Belgium even invented world famous praline.


How all started

Cocoa beans were brought over to Belgium by Spanish explorers in the 17th century. It was regularly used to create hot chocolate to impress the rich and famous. We then started to develop the chocolate market after colonising Congo and finding cocoa beans. King Leopold the third made Belgium the number one trader in cocoa and chocolate.  In 1912 the Praline (a chocolate cup with a sweet filling) was created in Brussels by Jean Neuhaus.


Why it is so good

One of the reasons why the Belgium hot chocolate is so special is the high quality of ingredients we use. The law of chocolate making from 1884 stated that a minimum of 35% cocoa must be used in Belgium chocolate. Pair this up with a blend of chocolate varieties melting in warm, creamy local milk & top it with handmade fluffy marshmallows and voila! You have the taste of the traditional and original world famous Belgium hot chocolate. 


A winter warmer

If you’re in Brugge this year pop in and let us make you a fresh cup to warm you this winter. Alternatively you can take home the chocolate sticks presented in a gift pack and enjoy with friends round the fireplace.

To My Crevin Family

Welcome to my first blog post. This is a really special moment for me & I wanted to dedicate this blog to my Crevin family.


Firstly and foremost I a have deep and heartfelt sense of gratitude to my parents. When you grow up watching the pillars in your life work so hard you are prepared for all the ups and downs adulthood brings. They have always been passionate and self-taught experts. They have taught me to be kind to the universe and I soon realised the universe is kind in return.

My son Victor, who is an enormous contributor to our business together, has given Crevin the right level of friendship our team has. He supports the entire network and is the creative experimental one. With you the production can show the colourful soul it has .


Thank you to all the staff in the production team who work on fine detail and with exceptional artisanal standards. Your hard work and the hours you put in is visible in each and every piece you produce.


To the retail team who make it their job to know each and every item like it is their own business, thank you! Kim is the responsible shop keeper and sells our products with passion. Nadine makes sure the packaging looks wonderful! Mama Rosita is our “jump-in” chocolate lady who helps when it gets too busy and brings a fresh cup of soup when we don’t have a moment for lunch. To all the part-time smiley students who share the Crevin passion, it’s great to see you all pass several years with us and eventually become little nieces to me! To all of you, your support and loyalty is appreciated more than words can say.

From left to right in the picture above: Hugo- our famous expert baker with years of artisanal experience. Karine- That’s me, they call me “Big Boss” but I’m just passionate about my work really! Evelien- our quick-fingered packer and quality control expert. Tony- our very sticky marshmallow man! He loves to make snowmen out of marshmallows. Victor- Makes sure our marshmallows have a glamorous & warm chocolate jacket. If he had his way he would have a chocolate river running through the factory.


Didier,  Jasmine & Victor in our admin and IT team always take care of the admin and financial structure so the rest of us can explore our creativity of Artisan products!


A special thank you to our regular locals and visiting tourist customers who support us by always returning to our artisan shop in Bruges, by attending our events and for ordering bespoke work. You are the reason we open our doors with a smile each day.


Without all of you I would not be able to continue doing what I love for over 30 years.


Karine Pickavet

Founder & Director of Crevin